A simple doorbell you can answer anywhere

A simple device for your door or gate which works with any phone on the market – talk to your guests, clients or service personnel even when you are away.

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Easy access

Convenient and secure



Use your family phones to talk to guests, clients or service personnel even when you are not at home.


Identify everyone before letting them in. Get notifications when the door or gate is opened and alerts on unauthorized actions.


No camera, no cloud and no personal information. 100% app free control.

Remote access

FlexiBell is a great addition to any smart-lock on the market including gate automation systems (no more remotes). Open your door or gate with a phone!

Easy setup

Just insert a SIM card and you are ready to go.

Open your gate from anywhere

With a phone call!

Simple installation

You don’t need WiFi, a lot of wiring or even an app. You don’t even need a smartphone, any phone will do!

No lost remotes or keys

When coming home, just make a call and your gate opens! No need to search for a remote control or keys.

Press the button

Visitors just press the button, you receive a call and talk to them on your phone, then release the gate or door to let them in.

You're always home

Receive deliveries remotely, let in guests, service people i.e nannies, gardeners, builders, garbage pickup guys.

Our team

Behind the scenes


Indrek Hirvlaan

Management and technology

Professional with more than 15 years of experience in the IT and the technology field.


Sten Gavronski

Sales and marketing

An entrepreneur with international business experience who thirves on challenges and exciting projects.


Martin Pärn

Product design

Highly experienced industrial designer with quite a few projects under his belt. Not his first rodeo!


Sven Sõrmus

Product design

Leading industrial desiger. Together with Martin Pärn experience of 15 years in product design.

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